Activities 2010> New Media 2010—The Exhibition of Interactive Sound Art


Moderator: Jin Ping, Music Director of MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING 2010

1)Boundless and Wireless—Sound Modification Through an External Controller
Moderator: Zhu Shijia(Central Conservatory of Music Research Group on Sonic Art)

2)Fish Talks—For Two Fish and Max
Moderator: Bai Xiaomo(SICHUAN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Research Group on Sonic Art)

3)iTouch the Moon-iPod/iTouch
Moderator: Liu Hao([Classroom 513 ] e-LIVE ORCHESTRA)

4)A Pseudo Forum of MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING—An Interactive Visual Work
Moderator: Fei Jun(China Central Academy of Fine Arts Digital Art Studio)