Activities 2011> 4th EMSAN Day

09:00-17:00 (Conference Room, 7th Fl of New Building, CCOM)
The Fourth Round Table Discussion and Forum of Development on Asian Electroacoustic Music (EMSAN Day)
The History and Trend of Electronic Music in Eastern Asia
The Preparation of EMSAN Electronic Music Publications in Eastern Aisa

09:00-10:20 (Recital Hall, CCOM)
Workshop Series (3)
The New Pulse Quartet: Improvisation Basics

10:40-12:00 (Recital Hall, CCOM)
Lecture Series (8)
John Chowning (USA): Sound Synthesis and Perception: Composing the Sound Itself

14:00-18:00 (Recital Hall, CCOM)
The 8th MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING 2011 Electroacoustic Music Composition Competition—Group A
19:30-21:00 (Concert Hall, CCOM)
Virtual Fusion — Jazz Concert from SUNY New Paltz (live webcasting)
1. Take the "A" Train — Billy Strayhorn (USA)
2. Stella By Starlight — Victor Young (USA)
3. Ray's Awareness — John Menegon (USA)
4. Just Before You Had That Dream — Vinnie Martucci (USA)
5. Round' Midnight — Thelonious Monk (USA)
6. Be Bop — Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker (USA)

7. Virtual Fusion — Ping Jin (China)
8. Straight No Chaser — Thelonious Monk (USA)
9. Peaceful — Joe Zawinul (USA)
10. Rag Tag — Jeff "Siege" Siegel (USA)
11. A Night In Tunisia — Dizzy Gillespie (USA)
12. Telly Savalas — Mark Dziuba (USA)
13. Freedom Jazz Dance — Eddie Harris (USA)