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Li Pengyun(China)

  Li Pengyun.Male, MA majored in computer music. Member of Electronic Music Association of China (EMAC), Society of Higher Music Education.Associate professor at Teaching and Research office of Recording Arts, Supervisor of postgraduates, at Department of Composition, Wuhan Conservatory of Music.
  Major works and award-winning papers are: 
1, Electronic music Love Song ranked the second in Group C at the Electronic Music Composition Competition of the second Musicacoustica Beijing 2005 International Electronic Music Festival 
2, Electronic music, Lotus In Wire ranked the second in Group A at the Electronic Music Composition Competition of the 7th Musicacoustica Beijing 2010 International Electronic Music Festival 
3, Paper “Analysis the Sound Processing of GRM TOOLS---Two Types of Technic of Developing Electracoustic Music” won Excellence Award at the first Musicacoustica Computer Music paper competition, 2006.
4 Papers From the “studio” to “stage” – electronic music performances and characteristics won the third prize at the second Musicacoustica Computer Music paper competition, 2010 (First prize vacant).
Programme note:
Under the cover
(For one percussionist and max/MSP)
  " Under the cover " (sneak through the passage of Chencang )comes from the ancient Chinese book on military strategy, "Thirty-Six Stratagems". It is a story happened in the war between two nations Chu and Han, telling that general Han Xin, ordered the soldiers to repair the ancient plank path, and pretended to attack from a cliff into the Guanzhong and that action confused his enemy Xiang Yu. On the other hand, Liu Bang, the emperor of the nation Han, attacked and occupied Chencang through another secret path with his main force while the defender was not prepared. He then occupied Xianyang and Guanzhong successfully. Later the phrase " repair plank path ostensibly and sneak through the passage of Chencang" is often used to describe an illusion that fools the enemy, while in fact there are other plans. The sound comes from the traditional Chinese instruments pipa, zheng, and some samples of special articulations of the world's unconventional folk instruments. They were processed to produce a variety of deformation. This work includes a number of different forms, passages and methods of sound processing. The player may decide the length of those paragraphs and different combinations while playing. Plucked instrument is played in the style of percussion.  Through such specific performance and uncertain musical structure, this work implies the meaning of " sneak through the passage of Chencang".