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Qi Maggie (China)

 Qi Mengjie Bio:

She was accepted in National Academy of Chinese Theater Art in 2008, majored in Sound Design Department to study sound recording arts and designing. She won National scholarship for a second prize. Her electroacoustic music work Spectral Color won an Honorary Mention at the Eighth Electronic Music Composition Competition of MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING in 2011. In 2012, she was accepted in the Central Conservatory of Music to pursue her master degree. She is studying electroacoustic music composition under Professor Ping Jin. She strives to make electroacoustic music with Chinese characteristics and study computer music, she participated in the interactive installation program Sound*Beijing in the same year.
Her Electroacoustic music work Echoes of woodblock from Peking Opera won the First Prize at the Ninth Electronic Music Composition Competition of MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING in 2012, it has been performed at the Audio Art Festival in Bunkier Sztuki (Poland),Hungary, Slovakia. In 2013, she participated the Computer Music Seminar in University of Oregon, USA and got her certificate. Her electroacoustic music work Dances with Crystals was premiered in University of Oregon, USA.
program note:
Autumn -for violin and electronic music (2013/10’/World Premiere)
The lofty blue sky, the red hills, clear stream water and the joy of harvest consist of the autumn scenery.
Glorious flowers grow in spring and solid fruits harvest in autumn.
Through the accumulation in winter, trees and flowers bud in spring days, bloom in summer, finally comes the harvest in autumn.
Sough wind blow to leaves, leaving the fruit branch, independently, proud to the blue sky.
Autumn, a vigorous and forceful painting, a very touching piece of music...