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Feng Jinshuo (China)

Feng Jinshuo graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music in 2009. He is currently a PhD candidate in electroacoustic music composition under Professor Zhang Xiaofu. He has won the first prize twice at Electronic Music Composition Competition of MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING. In 2011, he participated in a research project of interactive instruments sponsored jointly by CCOM and Northeastern University. He is the main design and technical person in a project to develop the Center for Electroacoustic Music Information of China.
program note:
Interrupted Dream
for Flute, Cello, Piano and Computer Music
The title "Interrupted Dream" was taken from the traditional Chinese opera "The Peony Pavilion", and the melody of the theme is derived from the original song. 
This piece is tribute to the ancient opera, the music played without excessive passion, the structures without tension, and the sound without humbling. But It’s just more closer to keep the ancient opera quaint implication. The piece emphasizing the "head", "belly" and "tail" in each notes, emphasis the traditional portamento make sure it has a unique style, and emphasis the old analog sound made by sound synthesis.