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Ivan Zavada

Ivan ·Zavada is a composer, multimedia programmer and designer who lectures in computer music composition and electroacoustic theory at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. His research focus is on the interactive relationship between image and sound within the realm of electroacoustic music. Zavada creates innovative multi-sensorial events that incorporate sophisticated audiovisual techniques to express artistic individuality in the digital era. The work Chronotope premiered at the Galileo Galilei Planetarium in Buenos Aires at the Understanding Visual Music Symposium 2013 and is an example of the vast creative potential available through new mediums of artistic expression. In general, Zavada’s work questions the conceptual nature of music by examining the relationship between sound and visual elements of abstraction rendered in computer graphics. He has presented his work in Canada, the United States, China, France, Sweden, Italy, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.