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Wang Xuan(China)

Wang Xuan has been studied violin since childhood. In 2006, she entered the Central Conservatory of Music for doctorate of Electronic music composition as a student who got the top 1 grade in China. In 2009, she successfully achieved the doctorate with great performance and become one of the first group of people who got this doctor degree. People’s Music Publishing House published her individual album Fallen Elf and her book  Interactive music - the interaction of art and technology came out and was published by Chongqing University Press. In addition, many of her academic paper have been put in Chinese core journals. A lot of her productions of electronic music have been performed in Electronic Music Festival held in China, France, Poland, Germany and other countries. Her works enter the final contest of International Electronic Music Composition Contest and won the first and second prize of Group A,B and C in Beijing International Composition Contest of Electronic Music. Her paper won the best paper award of national digital art theory and the second prize of First term of Electronic paper in Beijing international electronic music festival (The first prize was missed), and second prize in the third Beijing international music festival.