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Wang Xihao(China)

Wang Xihao was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music in 2008. A student of Professor Zhang Xiaofu, Wang Xihao is currently a recommended postgraduate student, majoring in electroacoustic music composition,  Xihao is an active young composer who has composed/arranged many  major film/video projects during his time as an undergraduate student. Song records such as Man Ling Hun, You Ni Zhen Hao and television programs and  film sound tracks entitled Qing Cheng Jue Lian,  Zhan Huo Xi Bei Lang, Huo Xian San Xiong Di and Tui Na.
Selected awards: the first prize and second prize in the Eighth MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Electronic Music Composition Competition in both group B and C; The second prize in the Second "eARTS" digital audio Competition; The first prize of the First KongAudio / midifan Folk Music Composition Competition. The prize of excellence in the First MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Music Recording Competition in group B.