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Guan Peng(China)

Guan Peng is a composer who is working with electroacoustic technology. He focuses on the Acousmatic music, and his piece is frequently performed and broadcast around the world. He was admitted to CCOM (Central Conservatory Of Music of China)in 2000 as a post-graduate student to study Electroacoustic music with Professor Zhang Xiaofu. In 2005, he continued to pursue his docteral degree. His major award is Prix-Residence in 34e Concours Internacionaux de Musique et d'Art Sonore Eletroacustiques Bourges-2007. His works include the electroacoustic suite "Cadenza" – Feng Yue(2000), General’s Order(2002), Dust(2005), Extremer(2007), and acousmatic music "Variation" (2008).