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Zhang Xiaofu (China)

Zhang Xiaofu, Composer, is one of the few Contemporary Chinese composers whose compositions covered a wide range of genres, including Electroacoustic music, symphonic music, traditional Chinese orchestral music, chamber music, ballet, and film music. His music has been performed in China, France, UK, the United States, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, Polish, Austria, Cuba, Japan, Korean, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. ZHANG has won numerous international awards. His music has been released on four CDs and a DVD. As one of the pioneers of Electroacoustic Music in China, ZHANG founded the Center of Electroacoustic Music of China (CEMC). He is also highly active as academic researcher, teacher, composer, performer, educator, as well as organizer of a series of international exchange programs. He founded the Electroacoustic Music Association of China (EMAC) in 2002, and initiated the famed Electroacoustic Music Festival in China - MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING, from 1994 to present.  Professor of the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) in Beijing; President of the Electroacoustic Music Association of China (EMAC); Executive President and Artistic Director of MUSICACOUSTICA – BEIJING.