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Bruce Gremo (USA)

Bruce Gremo is a composer, multiple flutist, and digital instrument-maker. 
He has been writing interactive computer music since 1997, and is the inventor of a new instrument, the Cilia, an electronic flute controller (patent pending). Received awards include the 2005 Interactive Technology Artist in Residence Award at Harvestworks, NYC. 
He was Composer in Residence at Civitella Rainieri Foundation in Italy in May and June of 2003. A recipient of a NYFA Fellowship in Music Composition (2002).
A classical flutist, he also specializes in extended technique and improvisation formats using the silver flute, the Japanese Shakuhachi, the Chinese Xun, the Indian Bansuri and others. 
He has Masters degrees in Composition and in Philosophy, and has taught at the New School, NYC. He now featured with the new Beijing orchestra, XinYaKongQi, freelance recitalist, and studio musician.