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Ángel Arranz Moreno (Spain)

Ángel Arranz [ES/NL 1976] is a composer, sonologist and musicologist living in The Netherlands. Some territories define his work: the utilization of time as a constructional matter through applied mathematics; spatiality in physical, structural, notational and DSP domains; organicism by means of the study of morphology of the natural forms and biological processes; affinity to deconstructivism and the Baroque universe; the interdisciplinary approaches to other arts, especially the relationship between architecture and music. 

He earned a Bachelor in Composition at High Conservatory of Salamanca in 2006 with the highest grades and a Master in Sonology with distinction at the Institute of Sonology - Royal Conservatory of The Hague in 2008 with the highest grades again. He works as an associate researcher at the Institute of Sonology since then.
His works have been played in The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Korea and Spain.
Ángel is artistic director and founds, together with visual artist Beatriz del Saz, The DK <projection>, an independent multi[inter]disciplinary group whose creative stimulus is the use of technology as a vehicle of musical and artistic transformation.
The DK <projection> starts from the reinvention of musical genres that play a role in visual arts, applied technology and sound spatialization.