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Russek (Mexico) 

Russek is a pioneer of wound art, collaborationg always with many artists that are outside of the strictly musical musical field, redefining the roll of experimental music in Mexico.
In 1979 he founds the Centro Independiente de Investigación Musical y Multimedia (CIIMM) where he developped an important edititorial work through the production of LP´s, publications, conferences, diffussion and curatorial work of electronic music and alternative sound art.
The work of this composer in favor of the exploration of technology and art is reflected in his own work, with the creation of inmersive realms and the projection of sound in architectural spaces with multichannel works,
He founds and directs the Laboratorio Multimedia para el colectivo Alberca Artes A.C. Currently, he is a profesor ath the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos and a member of the mexican grant system Sistema Nacional de Creadores.