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 (New zealand)


Ian Whalley
 (New zealand)

Author and composer Ian Whalley is Associate Professor and Digital Music Studio Director at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. His current research focuses on generative systems in music, music over high-speed networks, and intelligent agent applications in non-linear music. His papers and compositions are published through events such as ICMC, NIME, EMS, Cyber@rt and MUSICACOUTICA; as well as Leonardo (USA), Organised Sound (UK), and the Computer Music Journal (MIT Press). He was director at large for the International Computer Music Association from 2004-2005 and is an editorial member of Organised Sound (CUP). His electroacoustic music compositions focus on live performance and machine interactive outcomes, and he has received awards and grants from the British Council (U.K), Kunitachi Centre for Computer Music (Japan), ICMC2000 (Germany), Meiji University Visiting Fellow (Japan), Klangart '99 (Germany) and UNESCO (India).