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Chih Fang Huang (TaiWan)

     Chih-Fang Huang, Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Communications at Kainan University, was born in Taiwan. He is the chairman of TCMA (Taiwan Computer Music Association) currently. He acquired both PhD in engineering and master’s degree in music composition. His electroacoustic pieces have been performed in Asia, Cuba, Europe, and the USA, such as the electroacoustic piece “Microcosmos” were selected and performed in International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in 2006, and the composition presented in CEMI, University of North Texas in 2010, and works performed in Berlin, Cologne, Sweden, Italy during 2011-12. He is the fellow of 2012 Art Omni Music Residency, New York. In 2013 he was selected into the International Conducting Master Class of Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra. His research includes automated music composition and the sound synthesis, which have been published in ICMC and international Journals. Now he is the conductor of the Taoyuan New Philharmonic Orchestra.