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Tzeng Shing-kwei (TaiWan)

1968-1972 studied at Music Department of National Taiwan Normal University, graduated with B.A.

1977-1981 got scholarship of Education Ministry Taiwan. Studied at Musik Hochschule im Freiburg. Major in composition with Prof. Klaus Huber and Prof. Brian Ferneyhough; theory with Prof. Peter Foertig. 1981 graduated with “ Pruefung der Kuenstlerlischen Reifer” at Musik Hochschule im Freiburg/Germany.

1981~2005 as Professor at Music Department of National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei/Taiwan. 1986-1987 got scholarship of French Government, studied film music at Ecole Normal de Musique de Paris/France. 1987 Research at IRCAM/ Paris France ( Institut Recherch Coordination Acoustique et Musique Contemporaire)

1999 established Society of Electronic and Acoustic Music, Taiwan and was selected as Ist Chairman, 2005~2007as the 3rd Chairman.

Fulbright Scholar 2002~03, visiting scholar CCRMA, Stanford University (2002~03) Visiting Scholar, Guest composer of College of Music, University of North Texas. Since 2005 retired from National Taiwan Normal University and is retained at Department of Information Communications by Kai-Nan University. June-July 2013 guest composer at ZKM Karlsruhe Germany.