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Rafał Zapała (Poland)




 Program note:

"Cleaner" for double bass and live electronics

.... cleaning, dusting, sweeping, wiping what is on the surface, what is at first glance, scratching up from underneath, raking out from memory, from the past ..."


Rafal Zapała – composer, improviser (pianist, percussionist, live electronics), sound artist, Assistant Professor at Composition Dept., he also works at Studio Muzyki Elektroakustycznej Akademii Muzycznej w Poznaniu (SMEAMuz Poznan).


He graduated composition (MA, PhD) and choir conducting (MA). Participant of K.Stockhausen Concerts and Courses (Kurten2008), Acanthes Courses (Metz, 2010 with IRCAM, T.Murail and B.Furrer) and others. Founder and head of an_ARCHE NewMusicFoundation and many ensembles (contemporary, improvised, electronic music). Zapała does not recognise any boundaries between music acquired through  academic education, experience of the counterculture and collaborating with artists from other fields of art.


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