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Anna Zawadzka-Gołosz (Poland)

Anna Zawadzka-Gołosz,  a composer and teacher, living in Krakow and working there at the Academy of Music. She performed a function of the head of the Composition, Conducting and Theory of Music Institute for two terms (2005-2012). Being the student of Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar, she studied composition and the theory of music in Krakow and studied composition by W.h in Germany (one-year scholarship at Folkwang Hochschule fur Musik, Theater und Tanz w Essen-Werden). 

In  1983-86 she took part in a lot of  International Courses for Young Composers in  Kazimierz  Dolny, during which she had an occasion to co-operate with  W. Lutosławski, I. Xenakis, W. Szalonek, M. Shinohar, F. B. Mache, L. Hiller and many more. 

During and after studies she co-operated with the Experimental Studio of Polish Radio in Warsaw and the Eloectronic Studio of the Music Academy in Krakow, which fructified with works of electro-accoustic music. Anna Zawadzka-Golosz's creative works comprise instrumental (solo, chamber and orchestra pieces) and instrumental pieces with electro-acoustic part, which are performed in Poland and abroad. Most of them were commissioned by the state institutions and artists-virtuosos.