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Marc Battier (France)

Marc Battier is an electroacoustic music composer and a professor of musicology at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. He is the founder and director of EMSAN (Electroacoustic Music Studies  Asia Network; With Leigh Landy and Daniel Teruggi, he established the Electroacoustic Music Studies Network (EMS), which organizes annual symposia to develop musicological approaches of the field. He has been associated with the Paris Musée de la musique since 1992. He occasionally gives master classes in Canada, China, Japan and the United States. He has composed many works, including several for Asian instruments. As of 2013, he was chosen by De Tao Master Academy (Beijing) as Master of electroacoustic music.



This piece, 4 metamorphoses, is derived from a larger composition which was was spread over 7 metamorphoses. It was performed in Paris earlier this year as the result of a commission by GRM, with Thierre Miroglio on percussion. The poem was written and is read by French composer Zeno Bianu, one of the most famous poet of our time. The electroacoustic sounds are played over 8 channels surrounding the listeners, while the percussion uses all kinds of instruments to underline the various feelings expressed by the poem. The tracks were mixed in the GRM studio

The text illustrates the different states of being something else. As the poet puts it, "What would be the nature of a 'I' which would become something else? Of a 'I' whose only continuity would be that of discontinuity?" Each section is based on a poem, which itself is centered on "icons", characters or elements cherished by the composer and the poet. 



Program note : 4 Metamorphoses