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Christophe Lebreton (Paris)

He was born in 1967 in Paris. He studied the piano and the guitar. After scientific studies he enters the Grame in 1989. He meets the sound engeneers Michel Steivenart who will transmit him his passion for sound. Since then he has been investigating into research and the development of new tools for creation yet still considering the specificities of live musical production: live amplifiying, installations, disc production, realisation of Grame’s studios, developing specific hardware...etc.


He started exploring the musical capabilities of MaxMSp programming in order to 
respond to much composors’ demands as possible. His participation to the realisation of Thierry De mey’s piece «Light Music» (piece for one solo conductor, projections and interactive setup - based on motion detection - created in 2004), has constituted a major step in his path and has pushed him forward into exploring what he calls «instrumental sce- nography».