Electronic Music Concerts 2012> Xuan Wu

1)Piano attack - Multimedia electroacoustic music  (5'30'' / 2011/ World Premiere)
Composer: Li Muqing

The voice of the writing is from the piano, through several of material electronic music technology, it make the voice of piano change a form and formed all kinds of different voice type.
Part 1: with different types of bulk chemical patch of voice for the Lord;
Part 2: gradually into a clear voice, and the movement of material patch voice be in harmony is an organic whole;
Part 3: clear voice becomes main body of rhythm, the speed become quickly.
 The music of animation has clever breath, use the abstract expression form of animation techniques, let the music has expressive force, make it has more appealing.
 The Creative thinking of the writing is from the British philosopher Locke's point "feel both true "With inner abstraction of music and abstract expression form of animation techniques can make the writing have a loose form. And the loose form also can   let the abstract performance become more natural.

2)Vague  Image - Electroacoustic Music (7'17''/ 2011/World Premiere)
Composer: Wen Bihe (CCOM)

Western Han’s Chang Kai Chuan said:
“With good craft, you can produce a thick fog [for miles around].”

The creation process of “Vague Image” has been based on the use of two different materials coming from the Shakuhachi flute, “spitted” sounds and long sounds.

The mysterious and dense fog is evocated with the air sound and its harmonics, in order to reproduce a hazy sense of unfathomableness, thus representing also a characteristic of the eastern aesthetic, the metaphor of indirectness.

The structure is based on the Shakuhachi’s own acoustic characteristics: from the vibrating air emerges the sound, air and sound melt together, and finally sound returns air. The timbre becomes a key element in controlling the structure.

3) Summon of ElDE - for Suona and Eletronic music  (8’21’’/2011/ World Premiere)
Composer: Liu Peixin (CCOM),  Suona: Shang Shuai (CCOM)

“Elde” is a language of MAN CHU,meaning “precious gift”.Long long time ago,There is the mostancient of the largest-teach temple named “ELDE”.“ELDE”was  once suffered a serious persecuition during the 1920s. All the temple were blow up, the lama temple slaughter, exile. Unfortunate The unprecedented disasterhe from politics in history destroy cultural heritage. In that battle, There are some people to protect the temple in the painting, sculpture, precious scriptures on risk their lives.Then they hided these cultural relics in caves or rural communities.The kind people was responsible for the major work has revealed the civilization.
This piece is for Suona & Eletronic music. Suona is the traditional Chinese instrument. G Suona has particular sound with deep bass.and the C suona has abundant in high frequence.The musical style is like a song in MenggGu. Sometime,it is quiet Melodious,or sad . All the piece is like a Summon of ELDE., Like a distant from the summon of the old. It is Culture of redemption.

Dream of Tibet - for acousmatic music  (8’48’’/2010/World Premiere)
Composer: Wang Haixu (CCOM)
"Dream of Tibet" is for the acousmatic music.without the Musical instrument. The material of the work was taken from the (Tibetan singing bells). The original sound was classified in accordance with its characters, and transform the post-classified sound material by Effects plug-ins in accordance with the structure of the work. By means of editing and organizing the original and post-transformed sound material, the work was combined with virtual and actual, and achieve the common character of unification.

5) Xuan Wu - For Chinese traditional percussion and electronic acoustic music11'03'' /2011/World Premiere
Composer: Wang Xihao (CCOM)          Percussion: Song Yibo (CCOM)

Xuan Wu, as a meaning of god in Chinese culture, represents the combination of "Yin" and "Yang". This conception has always been applied in sacrifice or courtesy ceremonies. Such a deep connotation demonstrates the same deep meaning of Chinese culture. Just as a coin has two sides, everything in the universe exists in the argument of "Yin" and "Yang". The composer intend to express the inner thought towards the title " Xuan Wu".

The structure refers to a special format which lived in Tang Dynasty and has eleven small parts. The electronic acoustic music stands at the side of "Yin". Oppositely, the traditional percussion performs as the other side of "Yang".

The work was completed on Logic Pro. The sound materials came from samples of real percussion instruments and were transformed and synthesized allied with Max/Msp and GRM Tools. Composer fully exploited the timbre and expression power of each kind of sound. As to the performing techniques of percussion instruments, composer created some new methods on the purpose of pursuing a more fascinating effect on performance. Of course, the percussion performer plays the key role on controlling the flexibility and contrariety.